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---- £10.00 per dozen ----

Steak & Gravy Pie £1.00
Potato & Meat Pie £1.00
Chunky Steak & Onion Pie £1.00
Cheese, Onion & Potato Pie £1.00
Hot-Pot £1.00
Pork Pie £1.00
Cheese Pasty £1.00
Potato & Meat Pasty £1.00
Sausage Roll 50p each or £5.00 per dozen
Family Hot-Pot £3.50 Each or 2 for £6.00


---- £8.00 per dozen ----

Rhubarb Tart 80p
Apple Pie 80p
Blackcurrant Tart 80p
Egg Custard Tart 80p
Vanilla Slice 80p
Cream Crisp 80p
Trifle 80p
Chocolate Eclair 80p
Scones 40p each or £4.00 per dozen

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